Public Relations Misconceptions

Cultural Misconceptions

Public Relations There are many misconceptions and stereotypes about public relations.  PR practitioners often get categorized as spin doctors, only to be called upon to make those under the fire “look good.” These misconceptions include both the PR professionals and the industry as a whole. The truth is those individuals who specialize in the PR field work tirelessly to help support and build positive relationships among the public.

Many people do not identify with the PR professional, they tend to see public relations as nothing more than a professional human “spin machines,” looking to do nothing more than to cover up or exaggerate some person, product, corporation, or crisis.

We look at the Public relations specialist as the professional partier, throwing cocktail parties to impress the newest client or make some positive impression to the public or the press. According to this survey, PR is the second most stressful job in the U.S…

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