Spotting a great PR opportunity. China Airlines can. Canon can’t.

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China Airlines can spot a great PR opportunity a mile away. In fact they can spot one 6,000 miles away. The same can’t be said for camera manufacturer Canon (and their hapless PR agency).


Let me tell you a story.


In August 2007 Lindsay Scallan was enjoying a diving holiday on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Lindsay had a great time. There was however one minor mishap – Lindsay lost her diving camera. Hey, these things happen. Lindsay thought no more about it.
Now fast forward to February 2013. China Airlines employee Douglas Cheng was strolling along a beach on Taiwan’s east coast when he spotted something in the sand. It was a barnacle-encrusted camera. And it was 6,000 miles away from where it had been lost.






Realising that it was a diving camera, Mr Cheng thought there might be a chance that…

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