Moneypenny Fly Call Centre Workers to New Zealand to Work Night Shift!


Moneypenny, a British call centre has come up with a great solution to the problem of providing around-the-clock service – it has sent its staff to New Zealand.

Moneypenny provides a service for companies who are unable to answer their phone calls, and has a diverse group of 6,000 clients.

When their customers asked for a 24-hour service, Moneypenny responded.

According to company founder, Rachel Clacher, ‘We had looked at hiring staff to work overnight at our offices in Wrexham. But we weren’t confident service levels could be maintained so would have never taken that risk. By working on the other side of the world we’re now able to offer a truly 24-hour first-rate service, with bright, chirpy and wide-awake people.’

When workers at its base in Wrexham leave the office at 8pm, they hand over to their colleagues in Takapuna, a suburb of Auckland, where it is then 8am, and when the British staff get back in the next morning, they take over from the ‘night shift’ workers, who are free to enjoy their evening.

The staff are living together in a rented house, and work on a cycle of four days on, four days off to enable them to travel around their temporary home.

If only all bosses were so accommodating!


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