Campaigns – Mountain Dew Controversial Ad



Mountain Dew’s latest advert has been pulled after being dubbed ‘the most racist and misogynist ad of all time’.

Asides from the fact that the advert puts a more than one touchy subject in the limelight … did nobody else watch it and just think … what?

Understandably in the commercial world these days you have to find something a bit different to catch your audience’s attention … but this one was just plain weird! The emphasis was more on a crazy goat than on the product itself, in fact i didn’t even know what the ad was about until the very end.

Obviously, you can pick fault with any advert and realistically the odds of not offending anyone are slim but piling racist and misogynist issues into one advert and trying to make it amusing? … Is that not just stupid?

What do you think …

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