ASDA: Importance of Advertisment placement



I think ASDA may need a word with their advertising and marketing departments after the above ad appeared in a UK paper placed next to a domestic abuse article.  Their slogan reads “Keep him fighting fit with these 3 belters”. While I have no doubt that ASDA  do not support domestic violence, this example shows the importance of advertisement placement.


2 thoughts on “ASDA: Importance of Advertisment placement

  1. I would have to say that it has nothing to do with Asda. They’ve paid for a certain size and page placement of advertising, but it’s up to the newspaper editors as to what article it goes next to. I’m sure someone in the editing department either did this on purpose or noticed the mistake but thought it funny. Surely that would not have gone amiss…

    • I agree but ASDA’s marketing dept needs to speak to the paper to let them know it happened. I’m of the opinion it was a mistake but it is up to the newspapers sales dept and editors to ensure mistakes like that don’t happen as they don’t want to lose ASDA as an advertising customer. You and I may know it as a mistake but to someone else it may condone domestic violence or even offend those affected by domestic violence. An ad like this may lead to ASDA losing business which is why ad placement is so important; hence the title.

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