PR Vacancy – Anti-depressants and criminal record preferred

Joanna Dring Comedy

The trend for eager job hunters marketing themselves in an unconventional way has been well documented, but the other way round, is slightly rarer.

However,  Just In Time PR, has posted a job advert with a difference (read it here).

Just in Time PR's job advert

“We’re looking for a ‘Senior Account Manager’, whatever the hell that is,” they proclaim.  “You’ll be on anti-depressants…[and] have had a number of run-ins with the law.”

Checking out their website, the job advert absolutely lives up to the tone of voice of the whole agency. It’s funny, endearing, humble and sarcastic.

Even the quote in the Evening Standard today made me smile. Referring to the number of enquiries they’ve had from job seekers, Dominic Hiatt from the agency said: “Someone even called up from Cardiff, wherever that is.”

Of course, they’re kidding, and the final paragraph of the ad confirms this. It cetainly gives an insight into…

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