Irish Wheelchair Association story shows the power of the press release

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 7.33.02 am

Shot on location at the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) Headquarters in Clontarf, Dublin, the new video from Irish Academy of Public Relations is all about writing press releases. 

The video follows developments at the Irish Wheelchair Association as they plan a programme of action to get people with disabilities to sign up for public housing. The campaign was targeting everyone in Ireland with a disability, not just wheelchair users. The support of the media, including coverage of the IWA press releases, was vital in helping them to spread the message. The footage follows the development of the ideas for the release, the photo-opportunities with the Minister, the coverage generated in local and national newspapers, and in magazines.

“Anyone with a story to tell, who is trying to get coverage for their sports organisation, business,  charity or community group, understands the value of writing a good press release” said Ellen Gunning, the Academy’s director.  “If you don’t know the simple rules about how to write a release, how can you expect to achieve coverage?” she asked.

PR practitioners need to understand how to structure a press release. Journalists structure their news stories in exactly the same way. The skill is identical. The Irish Academy of Public Relations teaches online courses in both journalism and PR. The Academy has graduates in 27 countries worldwide working in both disciplines.


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