The never-ending intern debate.


Ah, the great intern debate. The ‘benefits’ VS the ‘exploitation.’ The people who say they’d NEVER work for free VS the people who are so desperate to get a foot in the door, they’d do anything. The fans VS the haters. The positives VS the negatives.

It’s not uncommon these days for universities to encourage students to undertake an internship – some courses even make it a required subject. For many fields these days, a university degree is simply not enough. Many jobs in the media field for example, will expect workers to already have one or two years experience in the chosen field. As the intern economy grows however, an important question is seems to constantly be posed: when does an internship stop being mutually beneficial and start becoming free labour?

I’ve been interning for two years now, for numerous companies in the fields of PR and journalism. Have…

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