When did working for free become OK? #interns #beautypr


As a beauty PR with over 20 years in the industry, boy have I seen change.  Like an old village elder I could sit here with my pipe telling y’all how it was in the good / old days, but let’s face facts it wasn’t and isn’t all that interesting – unless you were there.

But one great big change which has kind of revolutionised the way small PR agencies are run is the advent of the internship.  In the olden days people, gulp, expected to be paid for working.

All those sepia toned years ago I sure could not have worked for free, I needed the, admittedly small, pay packet to pay rent and food – how decadent of me.  Today however the industry seems to be skewed towards employing juniors who can afford to work for nothing, or rather whose parents can afford for them to work…

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