Xbox Congratulates Sony-A PR Look

Changing the World Through the Power of Narwhals

Xbox congratulated Sony recently on their social media pages in a competitive celebratory congratulations of Sony’s console launch. What makes this move interesting in this generations “console wars” is Microsoft’s been taking most of the PR punching bag from Sony. I applaud Sony’s strategy for staying aggressive in using Microsoft’s PR failures to make them appear more stable when it comes to their product. However, I feel Sony has done too much jabbing at Microsoft and hurt their brand. While it is easy to say the Internet disagrees, I would argue don’t trust the internet. Ever.

In speaking with consumers, and analyzing social media keywords, consumers certainly are paying attention. Many are still on board with buying the Playstation 4, but have taken a nicer stance towards Microsoft. Many understand that competition breeds innovation. Look at wrestling. For those unfamiliar with how wrestling was operated in the 90’s and early…

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