“Did I Do That?” Social Media Awards #5 – Tesco’s “Hit the hay” Tweet

BuzzWell PR Blog

So, you’re Britain’s biggest food supplier and you’ve just been outed for selling beef burgers that contain horse meat – lots of them. This is where the millions of dollars you spend a year on communications pays off, right? This is when your seasoned PR team swarms into action – pagers buzz (yes some people still use them), phones wake weary senior flak in the middle of the night and the crisis strategy you’ve painstakingly planned  throughout the years kicks in. Unfortunately for Tesco, their crisis plan barely got out of the gate before tripping over itself.

When the SHTF and an issue threatens to hurt a person or company’s reputation, one of the first things you do is notify those who need to know. CEO – obviously. Legal Counsel – definitely. Communications team, who if they were good, may have identified the crisis first – of course! How about…

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