Social Media Reality Check

A Splash of PR

As we’ve all realized by now, social media is a pretty big deal among us. It has become an essential tool for businesses to keep up their brand and product presence. Social Media has officially revolutionized the industry. Every brand knows that without social media they’d be lost, because it’s the only way their audiences will listen, TV commercials and print ads are no longer the focus of Advertising and PR. Lon Safko calls this revolution, “A Fundamental Shift in Power” and states in his book that  “It’s a shift from pontification to two-way communication and it’s a shift about which we no longer control our corporate message. No longer does the consumer trust corporate messages. They don’t trust and don’t want to hear our commercials any longer. They want their information from people they know, have a relationship with, and share a bond with through trust.”

What has made social…

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