PR Offensive: Soda Stream vs Goliath

The Benign Propagandist

The recent PR offensive waged against Scarlett Johansson and her choice to do a Super Bowl commercial for Soda Stream is an interesting study in what I believe is clandestine PR.

If you haven’t seen the commercial in question, here it is:

The Controversy

The Controversy surrounding this recent commercial is a little confusing.  When I heard that there was outrage over Scarlett’s choice to be in the commercial I assumed it was somehow offensive or too racy for the “family audience” of the Super Bowl.  Nope, not offensive as far as I can tell, so it isn’t the commercial itself.  Then I thought that maybe Soda Stream had some scandal where their products were harmful to consumers.  Nope, nothing wrong with their product either.  Luckily Gawker took the time to explain the situation for me.

As it turns out, this has everything to do with Israeli/Palestinian relations.  The company’s…

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